Welcome to My Own Private Multiverse...

When I'm not building the Lumaverse with novels and films, I write and voice the blog-podcast two-fer Daedalus Howell's Night School (of the Mind). I create conceptual art with Karen Hell at Culture Dept., and am presently in pre-production for our feature film Pill Head. Listen to me live, Thursdays, on KSVY's The Morning Show (91.3 FM).

Join me and Karen Hess (producer & production designer) as we create our latest collaboration — Pill Head, an art house thriller feature film!

In the film, college student Theda is a pill addict who undergoes an experimental sleep therapy. When she awakes nearly a year later, she discovers the treatment has put her on the verge of a psychic breakthrough... Or a psychotic breakdown. Can she see the forking paths of the future, or has she lost her mind?

"Our motivation to make this film is not merely to scratch a collective aesthetic itch — we hope to galvanize our local film community, employ local artists, and add fuel to Petaluma’s creative economy while capturing this particular moment in its history." — Karen Hess & Daedalus Howell