If the shoe fits
biggest drug deals of 20th century). Duly inspired, I revved up curation of my own "Smithsonian Box Smithsonian Box sometime back, which my pal Geoff Cain once assailed as nostalgic (the fool! It's
Bad Robot For Sale
it on the curb. Fortunately for the Smithsonian, I caught it before the truck rolled up, but later I asked the android to take out the garbage, it went straight for the Smithsonian Box and put office. I call it the Smithsonian Box. “That right there is the makings of a fine literary estate
Haunted Orthodontic Retainer that Channels Malevolent Spirits
has infused my own private "Smithsonian Box" with a never-ending supply of weirdness since. When
Bass Fishing in America: The Search for Meaning in a Beer Bottle
Skin Trade until I could file it in my Smithsonian Box. I forgot about this sentimental souvenir until
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